Doing Business with the Government – where do I start?

Get a computer (or access to one) & get on the Internet! More and more government business is being conducted online. Even if you don’t have your own website, you must at least have an email address. Then, check out these links to help answer your questions. Read “Braddock’s The Winning Edge” and “Braddock Procurement Opportunities Guide

Some Things to Remember

  • Always keep copies of applications you have completed. Be sure you write down the dates you submitted the applications on the copies.
  • Always write down and keep any passwords, registration numbers, and MPINS. These can be very hard to replace if you lose them!
  • Don’t hesitate to call the help lines on websites if you have questions. Once again, keep track of who and when you called.
  • If you call a help line and aren’t satisfied with the person you are talking to, document the call, hang up, call back and talk to someone else.
  • Keep documentation of everything! You may need it in the future.
  • Contact your PTAC counselor at any time!

More links to valuable government contracting resources below:

JCP Certification

Women Owned Small Business Program

Minority Business Development Program

Veteran Business Owners Resources

Other Online Tools

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